About Us

Our Story

 When my maternity leave was up, I had the daunting task of finding a daycare.  All of the centers in my area were over $350 per week!  It wouldn't have been worth it for me to work at all.  I started to research in-home providers and was much more pleased with the prices.  Unfortunately, the care left a lot to be desired.  He was being left alone in swings, set in front of the television at 8 weeks old, left in dirty diapers, not being fed enough or being fed too much, and even being held by toddlers and other children.   I found myself pulling him out of a daycare almost every two weeks.   Finally, I quit my job to offer a much needed service to other parents that I was unable to find for myself. 


Our Approach

  I provide gently structured childcare in a loving, home environment.  Our "routine" is fluid, which gives opportunities for personalized care, and more attention to everyone's individual needs.  We spend a great deal of time outside, and have plenty of unstructured free play which allows the children to create, explore, and problem solve without adult leading.   I encourage play and peer interaction that helps to develop social, emotional, and cognitive development.  I do not use time out or similar punishments while still maintaining clear, and firm boundaries.  


About The Provider

 I'm Jaime Ingram, a married mother of five...two adults, a teenager, a  kindergartener, and a preschooler (crazy, right?)   I attended college for political science and philosophy (pre-law) while working in the IT field before before my decision to stay home with my fourth child.  I'm a breast-feeder, baby wearer, co-sleeper, cloth diaperer, and practice a combination of Attachment Parenting combined with RIE principles.   I respect and support all parents and their parenting styles! 


About My Family

My eldest child (boy) works as a service advisor at a large, local car dealership, has finished the EMT program, and will be attending a paramedic program.  My second oldest (girl) is a union ironworker and welder.  My third (daughter) is majoring in family and child development, and is employed at a local Montessori school. She also helps out with my program.  My fourth (boy) is 6 years old, attending first grade, and is a pretty neat, quirky, sweet little guy with autism.  My fifth (girl) is 4years old, attending preschool, and is a super spunky, fun, ball of energy!  I am very proud of all of them.  They are so different, and unique!